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Who we are?

Focused on growing motorsports in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia)

The Phoenix Racing Team was created to develop drivers via mentoring and practice sessions run by more experienced drivers. J3, factory team for COMPKART, is integrated into our offering. Through a partnership between J3 & Phoenix Racing, J3 builds our karts , coaches and teaches driving school at the United Karting Track.

We practice and compete as a team in multiple race series and the United Karting Club Series. An individual can be part of the the Phoenix Racing Team if they:
* Complete the COMPKART University
* Obtain an acceptable / competitive lap time
* Pay the required tent fees   

J3 offers the following training at the United Karting Track, through Phoenix Racing:
* Lead / Follow
* Data Analysis (Mychron Required)
* Race craft discussion and track walks


We offer a range of services on COMPKART competition karts, supported by J3 with a local presence. We're certified on the Rotax and Honda engine platforms. We've teamed with BBS engines for supporting engine rebuilds for the IAME engine platforms. We can cover all of your kart / engine maintenance needs with our experienced team. Our physical store is located at the United Karting Track and our online Phoenix Racing site offers dynamic kart building options.


Edward Wheaton

"I’m very happy that I decided to do business with Phoenix Racing. The kart purchases were smooth and the support during and after the build process has been exceptional. I’m confident that it was the best decision compared to my other options that were mostly out of State with limited support. We are looking forward to the 2020 season with Phoenix Racing and United karting. Thank you again!"

Stefan Jacoby

"My 10 year old son is racing at United Racing since last year. Alexander has learned and developed with their professional coaching. Phoenix Racing has been fantastic in providing him with the right kart and equipment as well as with the right mechanical support. United Racing takes Motorsport seriously and has all the equipment to guarantee drivers safety. We are part of a great community where everybody supports each other and makes karting a fun sport."

Michael Edrington, LTC (USA Retired)

"My son and I have been with Phoenix racing since they started and their support, even since the early days, is consistent and amazing. If you are just getting into karting, Phoenix Racing is the way to go as you are not just a customer, but part of a family team that is supportive and works hard to ensure all involved get the best out of their karting experience. While going fast is important in motorsports, it is not more important than what you learn, experience and share—Phoenix Racing believes this and takes Karting to the highest levels."

Future Customer's Name

""Come race with us!"

Located at United Karting - 7206 Ridge Road, Hanover, MD 21076