How to get into a kart with PR

The Phoenix Racing Team was created to develop drivers via mentoring and practice sessions run by senior drivers.  We practice and compete as a team at the United Karting - BWI track.  An individual can join the Phoenix Racing Team if they:

  • Complete the COMPKART University
  • Own a COMPKART
  • Obtain an acceptable / competitive lap time
  • Pay the required fees

School-aged children must maintain passing grades and/or a 3.0 GPA in their respective schools to be accepted to the Phoenix Racing Team.  If a candidate already has reached a competitive level in karting, they can still join the Phoenix Racing Team.  Applications will be available shortly.

Phoenix Racing offers COMPKART kid (Ages 5-7), cadet (Ages 8-12) and junior/adult (Age 13 - Up) karts for purchase.  We offer the LO206 engine platform on our karts to help develop a driver's race craft.  Once an acceptable driver skill level has been meet, we recommend migrating to the ROTAX engine platform.  As a ROTAX Service Center, we have ROTAX certified master mechanics as part of our crew to assist on race days.  Prices and race ready packages are listed on the e-commerce portion of our website.  Phoenix Racing accepts kart trade-ins and will also help a driver find a used COMPKART.

We offer rental competition COMPKARTs for experienced drivers.  Driving a competition kart requires a physically fit driver who can handle lateral g forces.  Aside from the physical requirements, a rental driver must have an understanding of overall safety and race craft.  We recommend less experienced drivers go through the COMPKART University at the United Karting - BWI track prior to renting a competition kart.